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When you reserve the considerate services through the Brandon Minibus Company, your guests traveling region expands to include Postcodes of IP1 through IP33.

his enormous service area allows a holiday experience including museum displays and life size replicas of authentic English settlements, enormous adventure parks, historic ruins and buildings as well as a thoroughly impressive natural landscape.

When utilizing any vehicle from our huge vehicle collection, any group size experiences impressive traveling consideration at a fair price. Brandon plays host to a menagerie of sport venues and our Brandon Minibus regularly carries eight, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 24 sports fans to the event of their choosing.

The region boasts an unbelievably high assortment of guided tours and historic establishments for exploring. With Coach Hire support for 33 to 49 people, the entire day fills with unique tourism locations for many people. The experience of Brandon through the service of our Minibus in splendid interior style enhances the excitement of the getaway.

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Locations such as Melsop Farm Park add family adventure for every visitor while Ely Cathedral and Elveden Estate bring visitors back through the many ages of history. Your holiday trip encompasses the best Brandon has for the offering.