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Home to the astonishingly beautiful Biddulph Grange, the village invites guests to explore and tour this 15-acre National Trust treasure of estate and gardens. Our Biddulph Minibus Hire with driver arrangement provides the optimal route travel for heading to such amazing destinations. Large groups of outdoor enthusiasts take in the panoramic backdrops of Biddulph Moo and Mow Cop while enjoying the myriad of comforts aboard a Biddulph Minibus Company fleet of highly maintained current models.

The grand designs of sophisticated group travel flow through our charming line of Mercedes Ford Transits while our affordable Airport Transfer and Taxi Service creates convenience. Our high-grade service of eight to 24 seats Biddulph Minibus Hire and 33 to 49 seats Coach Hire along with additional fleet lines promptly reaches every locale within the Postcodes of ST1 through ST21.

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Taking a walking or hiking tour in the fine region of Staffordshire, England allows participants an opportunity for exploring historic landscapes laid out in Victorian-era originality. Closely situated next to the immense Peak District National Park, a world of adventure offers a plethora of enthusiastic activities. Steeped in impressive holiday enjoyment, Biddulph holds everything for an outstanding destination point.