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Founded by Saint John of Beverley, the town of the same name, Beverley located in East Riding of Yorkshire, garners volumes of visitors arriving to absorb the stately and exciting racecourse community and various coastal and inland landscapes. Receiving the title of the best place for residing within the United Kingdom requires an equally tasteful yet affordable luxury transportation source for advanced group travel; our Beverley Minibus Hire facility.

When arranging a day out, your group consistency easily ranges from Minibus situations with 8, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 24 people to Coach Hire parties consisting of 33 to 49 people. Our great pricing and deal levels make for a pleasurable journey throughout the many places of East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

Founded in 1752, The Racecourse Beverley has been attracting major crowds of fans throughout the ages of England. Of course, this is just one of the hundreds of establishments and things to see, especially when traveling with our Beverley Minibus Company service.

The aura and prestige of our line offers cheap Minibus and Coach Hire rates while constantly heightening the interior impressiveness. Further benefiting all numbers of travelers is our all-encompassing seating range garnered through a Coach Hire or Minibus in East Riding of Yorkshire. Thrilling and enthusiastic groups of 8 to 24 guests take part in the traveling festivities aboard our stunning Beverley Minibus Hire suites.

The party continues aboard our grand Coach Hire line while 33 to 49 guests regale in on-board entertainment and amusement. Clients taking a Mercedes Ford Transit to the finest dining establishments in England combine the locale and transport for creating perfect 5-star experiences. Racecourse Beverley draws visitors from around the globe, many arriving by air.

The Beverley Minibus Company adds our stately service through our in-demand Beverley Minibus Hire Airport Transfers for the majority of out-of-town guests. Taking you to all destinations within Postcodes HU1 through HU20 is one of the unique features setting our Beverley Minibus service apart from the rest of the industry.

Sights and delights of modern Beverley as well as restoration places of historic prestige add to the eclectic atmospheres of local and regional activities included throughout a day-trip. Within the lovely East Riding of Yorkshire corner, music and food festivals as well as relaxing seaside resorts, beaches and coastlines add to your group’s leisure rejuvenation.