Everyone requires a source of taking a break from today’s hectic pace. Ampthill Be Minibus provides the ultimate escape for an invigorating holiday. With traveling assistance afforded through our Ampthill Minibus Hire with driver, on-board guests need not handle the vehicle maneuvering and directional responsibilities.

Allowing an Ampthill Minibus chauffeur the roadway navigation gives you and your passengers the reprieve you deserve. Our business offers this thorough program to include all classes of specialty automobiles, Coach Hire and Minibus in our fleet.

The Ampthill Minibus Company offers a supreme traveling lifestyle of exuberant means while enjoying the many extensive features for including in any deal or booking. Each automobile within our collection experiences regular maintenance care by a thorough team of master mechanics. When reserving any Coach Hire, Minibus and Executive Taxi through the Ampthill Minibus Company, clients also enjoy the convenient list of pleasurable economically priced amenities.

The Bedfordshire region covers a Postcode range of MK1 through MK46; this means a stunning Minibus Hire, Executive Coach Hire or specialty Taxi through our service becomes personable with your stylish taste of features.

While enjoying the vitality of a ride with eight to 24 friends, our Standard Minibus Hire displays your choice of tinted windows, music selections and video preference. While servicing a group numbering from 33 to 49 riders, your guests travel in prestigious Executive Coach Hire elegance with added Minibar, refrigerator, and leather upholstered seating. We include cheap Minibus and Coach Hire rates with an impressive list of services.

Our Airport Transfers not only include affordable prices, infusing the convenience of an airline arrival or departure package excludes having to navigate congested airport traffic. Ampthill Minibus Hire specializes in glamour. A superior night of dining turns into a wonderment of excitement when reserving our vehicles.

fter a relaxing jaunt aboard any of our lavish fleet choices, passengers arrive to an invigorating location full of all forms of entertainment and leisure. The town of Ampthill resides in southeast England and supports a thriving community of theater, restaurants, shops and an assortment of leisure activities. The numerous places of significance allow guests a journey through history. For those seeking fresh air, the Ampthill, Bedfordshire countryside displays superior fishing, hiking and biking.