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Salisbury is one of countless UK locations to which Salisbury Minibus Hire transportation is provided. We provide fleet to both large and small groups.

Our 6 -7-8 -12 -14 -16 - and 23-seater executive standard minibuses are perfect for a variety of business groups andrecreational travelers. Corporate teams, stag parties, and wedding attendantshave all called upon our services.

Salisbury is a cathedral city, and also is part of the district of the samename. The original Salisbury Cathedral was built between 1075 and 1092, and anewer cathedral was built in the 1220. It is the area's best example of Early English


Another major landmark of the city is the Chilmark Quarries, where the stones for building the cathedral were gathered.These stones were transported down the River Nadder, which runs through thiscity.

Salisbury Plain is located at the edge ofthis city southeast of Wiltshire. Four other rivers in addition to the Nadderare joined together at Salisbury.These are the Ebble, Wylye, Bourne, and Avon Rivers.Four of the rivers mentioned are tributary to the Avon.

Salisbury is a city full of culture. One of the most festive areas of thiscity is High Street. This location is a large centre for visual and performingarts of all kinds. Live music, dance, public sculpture, and art exhibitions arecharacteristic of this area.

In addition to High Street, theatre performances are shown at the Playhouse. Furthermore, the local City Hall hostscomedy performances, seminars, conventions, and various entertainment productions.

Salisbury is also known for its "spooky" legends. Ghost tours are put on quite often with locals and visitors. Part of these tours is held on or near the grounds of the Odeon Cinema in the House of John Halle, which is one of the oldest buildings in the city besides the cathedral.

Areas of interest include Queen Elizabeth Gardens, which are comprised of geographical environments such as water meadows.

Salisbury also is home to sport and leisure activity. A racecourse is located here and the city also has a football team (Salisbury F.C.) as well as a rugby team.

A large percentage of the local sporting activity in this city takes place at the Five Rivers Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool. This establishment was first opened in 2002.

This city also offers quite a bit of opportunity for night time socialising. Numerous pubs including One (a.k.a. "TheHaunch of Venison") are open to entertain both visitors and locals. This establishment operates from a building constructed in the


Located on "The Launch of Venison" is afamous mummified hand. It was said to have been cut off during a card game.

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