Isle of Man Airport Minibus Hire

Located at the heart of the Irish Sea, Isle of Man is a peaceful treasure trove of history, gourmet food, and scenery. It also happens to be home to the oldest democracy in the world. Regardless of the time of year, you would like to tour the area, you will want to look into Isle of Man airport minibus hire. There’s no better way to tour the area than in a 28 -35 seater coach hire.

Touring the Isle of Man

The 12 seater minibus hire is a great way for families and groups traveling together to discover all the crucial parts of this small, but highly interesting island. Touring the island with our professional and friendly drivers is always a pleasure, more so due to their familiarity with the road rules and quiet island roads.

The Isle of Man roads are quiet for the better part of the year. This means that you are unlikely to come across traffic jams when using our 49 seater coach hire which comes in both standard and luxury options. The lack of traffic jams means that the commute from Douglas airport is short, allowing you to get started on a tour of the island within no time.

You should, however, note that Douglas airport can get hectic during the TT races that occur in May and June. To ensure that you get a great experience, we recommend you make your reservations for the 12 -14 seater minibus hire as early as possible. We have fast booking systems which will guarantee that your reservation is processed immediately.

Thanks to our great discounts all year round, you will soon come to realize that the larger towns in the Isle of Man are all interconnected by professionally built and well-maintained roads. While the roads do not have any speed limits, our uniformed drivers will ensure that they stick to acceptable limits to guarantee your safety.

As you head out of the larger towns, you will come to notice that the roads will start to become narrow as you approach the hilly and mountainous regions. In such areas, our drivers will exercise caution and care, especially during the snowy days to make sure that all their passengers are safe.

If you are looking to get the best deals on Isle of Man airport minibus hire, try and make your reservation a few weeks before your intended tour dates.

Day Trips to Consider When Visiting the Isle of Man Island


Douglas happens to be the capital city of the Isle of Man Island. This means that if you’re not residing in the town, you may want to make plans to tour it in our 16 Seater Executive Hire/luxury Mercedes. A visit to Douglas with your corporate colleagues or family members will enable you to learn about its rich history.

Make sure to visit the Manx Museum to view exhibitions pertaining to the famous TT races and the Vikings. Alternatively, you can also visit the Douglas Head Lighthouse commissioned during the Victorian era for a chance to check out the stunning ocean views. During the summer season, the bay at Douglas is normally dotted with all kinds of horse-drawn trams.


Castletown is home to numerous castles, most of which have become ruined over the years. The most impressive castle on the island is the Castle Rushen, which also happens to be a former royal palace that is located in the town’s harbor. This picturesque medieval town is a twenty-five-minute drive away from Douglas.

Our uniformed drivers should have no trouble getting you to the former islands’ capital to get a chance to see Castle Rushen which sits right at the center of the town. Some decades back, the castle had been converted into a prison. However, it is today used as a tourist attraction and showcases some interesting and fascinating exhibits on medieval life.


Laxey Wheel

If you love industrial history, then you sure will love this particular feat associated with Victorian-era engineers. The Laxey wheel happens to be the biggest working water wheel known to man today. It’s only by visiting it that you will realize that it’s not as boring as you may have been led to believe.


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Our company has been in operation for more than 7 years and is known for providing professional minibus hire services. We take time to conduct background checks on all our employees to ensure that they are morally upright. When you use our services, you can expect us to help you with your luggage, and to make sure that you to travel around the Isle of Man in style and comfort